Dr Becca Wilson

I was invited to contribute to a round table discussion for the APPG on Diversity in STEM current enquiry on Equity in the STEM workforce. I talked about:

  • highlighted the types of barriers disabled people face entering and progressing in a STEM career
  • disability statistics from the Higher Education sector (staff and students)
  • the lack of representation of disabled people in research and teaching in HEIs, particularly at or above professorial grade
  • barriers to disclosing disability
  • lack of fellowships, grants, recruitment rounds exclusive for disabled people – akin to L’oreal Women in Science or BAME PhD scholarships etc. No equivalent for disabled researchers exists in our sector.
  • drew examples from my lived experience
  • provided recent reports and research papers relevant to this enquiry

Interim Outputs

All interim summaries are available on the APPG website. A summary of the consultation I particpated in is also available: Mapping inequity across the STEM workforce and Protected Characteristics.