Dr Becca Wilson


2019 EU H2020  Better Health and care, economic growth and sustainable health systems (Work Package 3 Co-lead): €12M awarded. ATHLETE. 
2019 EU H2020 Flagship Collaboration with Canada (Work Package 3 & 5 Co-lead):
€6M awarded. EUCAN-CONNECT. Jan 2019 – Dec 2023
2018 UKRI Innovation Fellowship at HDR UK (PI)
: £280,494 fEC, £224,395 awarded. Methods for the privacy preserving analysis of sensitive health data: text analysis and data visualisation. Feb 2018 – Feb 2021.
2016 ALSPAC Seeing is Believing (co-writer, Research collaborator, significant intellectual property contributions to the grant application): £217,498 fEC. Wellcome Trust Enhancement to ALSPAC core programme support 2014-2019. Using virtual reality to explore biomedical data. Jul 2016 – Mar 2017.
2016 Enhanced Papers Metadata Augmentation (Co-PI): £140,847 fEC, £112,678 awarded. CLOSER Innovation Fund proposal to continue development of a paper metadata augmentation tool to generate enhanced metadata datasets of publications from CLOSER cohorts. Jan 2016 – Dec 2018
2016 Software Sustainability Institute Fellow: successful application SSI fellowship to promote the wider use of open source research software within biomedical sciences, securing £3000 to support my SSI activities.
2015 Sustainability and Security in DataSHIELD (PI) : successful proposal to Software Sustainability Institute Open Call, awarded 18 days SSI staff time for this project.
2015 AMASED (PI) : £21,925 FEC, £12,146 awarded. JISC Research Data Spring for AMASED: Access Methods for Analysing SEnsitive Data. Collaborators include University of Bristol, London Metropolitan University, British Library, F1000 Research and ContentMine. May 2015 – Aug 2015.

Education and Training

2017-2019 Farr Institute Future Leaders Programme in Health Data Science. Competitive selection to participate in a two year mentor and career development programme hosted by the Farr Institute. The programme aims to shape and support the next generation of international leaders in health data science.
2015/2016 WUN Research Development Fund (co-writer/workshop coordinator) £22,078 total funding (includes £10,850 from WUN RDF and £11,178 from matched funding). To host the WUN workshop Data Analysis with Privacy Protection for Epidemiological Research
2012 ERASMUS IP Programme (grant writer): €102,576.60 awarded in for the FORMAT-EO Masters-level Earth observation summer school coordinated by University of Leicester, July 2013.  This grant led to securing continuation funding to run the course again in 2014.
2011 HE STEM SuperLab (PI): As part of participation in SuperLab (description below) I secured £400 to attend the Royal Society science communication trainingcourse to develop my news writing and presenting skills.

Science Communication and Public Engagement

2019 Newcastle University Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Fund (PI):£4914 awarded in collaboration with NU DIG and NUSU to coordinate activities for 2019 International Day for People with Disabilities
2018 Newcastle University Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Fund (PI)
: £1100 awarded in collaboration with NU Disability Interest Group. To produce disability–inclusive images of staff and students for the Newcastle University image asset bank for use in external and internal communications as well as research projects and event communications
2014 ESRC Festival of Social Research (grant writer): Your health records – hand over or hands off? – £1000 to develop and run a drop in exhibition stand in Bristol during the ESRC-funded Thinking Futures festival. Using the ÉCOUTER method, the stand will inform and engage the public in issues surrounding Care.Data and the sharing of medical records for research purposes.
2013 UK Space Agency Space for All (PI): Mars in a box – £2470 to develop and deliver a series of KS4 physics and engineering curriculum-linked masterclasses related to current Mars exploration research themes
2012 British Science Association Media Fellow: Placement as science reporter at the Irish Times, Dublin.
2011 HESTEM (Co-I): How to build a Solar System – £2700 to develop and deliver a series of interdisciplinary meteorites-based educational activities linking current research themes to curriculum science and geography in KS3-KS5.
2011 HE STEM SuperLab (PI): Selection to work with graphic designers and create a public awareness poster for display in supermarkets Meals on Wheels: How many miles to your plate? As part of SuperLab I displayed a mini exhibition stand on atmospheric chemistry at the 2011 British Science Festival, Bradford.
2010 National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NERC) grant (PI): £3000 to support a portable atmospheric chemistry outreach exhibit for KS3-KS5 Fingerprinting the atmosphere
2008 OU CEPSAR Open University grant (PI): £1000 to support earth and planetary science outreach within Schome


2019 IEEE DataVis Diversity Scholarship (PI): $1000 to attend the 2019 IEEE DataVis conference, Vancouver. 
2016 Farr Institute IPDLN Bursary (PI):
£650 to attend and present two talks at the IPDLN Conference, University of Swansea.
2016 UseR2016 Diversity Scholarship (PI): $2242 to attend and present at the UseR2016 Conference, Stanford University.
2011 Travel and accommodation grant (PI): £600 to attend and present at the 2nd tropospheric ozone trends workshop, Meteo-France, Toulouse.
2011 HE STEM SuperLab (PI): As part of SuperLab (description above) I secured travel and subsistence to attend the 2011 British Science Festival, Bradford.
2007 Planetary Studies Foundation grant (PI): $2100 travel grant and accommodation to attend the 70th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society in Arizona
2007 STFC sponsorship (PI): selected one of three UK students to attend the 2007 Alpbach Astrobiology Summer School, supported by £600 STFC grant

Proposals and Awards

2013 University of Leicester merit award: £1000 bonus for services to science communication during 2012
2011 HE STEM SuperLab (PI): Selection to work with graphic designers and create a public awareness poster for display in supermarkets Meals on Wheels: How many miles to your plate?
2009 British Science Festival 2010 Exhibition (PI): Selected to exhibit an atmospheric chemistry outreach workshop Fingerprinting the Atmosphere
2008 National finalist (Team Supervisor): British National Space Centre and SSTL schools satellite competition
2008 Finalist: UKGRAD Midlands hub regional poster competition
2008 Winner: Open University poster competition
2006 Winner: Open University library poster competition
2003 Recipient RAS Paneth Trust Grant: £1000 administered by the Royal Astronomical Society to support undergraduate research in meteorite studies in collaboration with the Natural History Museum, London

Panels and Committees

2020-present: Member, R Forwards Taskforce, diversity committe for the R Foundation.
2019-present: Invited Member, Strategic Advsory Board, OKRE
2019-2020: Chair, Disability Interest Group,
Newcastle University
2017-2020: Member, Diversity Consultative Group,Newcastle University
2017-2019: Academic and research staff representative on the Disability Interest Group Committee, Newcastle University
2015-2018: Co-chair the RDA Working Group for Data Security and Trust
2012 – 2013: Member of the STFC-ASDC Science and Engagement Advisory Panel for the national engagement project Explore Your Universe: From Atoms to Astrophysics
2006 – 2007: Secretary of The Open University Post-graduate Student Society


2019-present: Member, Society of Research Software Engineering
2016-present: Fellow the Software Sustainability Institute.
2013-present: Member
the Research Data Alliance (RDA)
2008-present Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) Ambassador
2007-2016 Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry
2005-2016 Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society